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Updates: August 8th noon- Added a blog  where I'll post random thoughts on training, running, baseball, sports, drugs, or whatever is on the top of my mind.

August 1st-5pm- Added two sections in the Training section.  One called "Bridging the Gap" about connecting speeds and transitioning from a base phase to a pre-comp phase, and another entitled "Improving LT for elite trained runners" about how to further improve LT after adaptation using normal methods has failed.

July 16th-noon- Sorry for the long time between updates.  I have been on vacation, busy, sick, and all sorts of stuff.  Anyways, I just started a new section that I think many people will find helpful.  On the Physiology Behind it All page, I added a section on the causes of fatigue.  It will be fairly comprehensive and for the first update I've added Central Fatigue and the Motor Cortex and what role they play.

June 13th-5pm- Added an article entilted "Maintaining Speed during the Summer Base" on the My Rants page.  I think it's the relevant time of the year to write such an article, hope it helps

June 1st- 6pm- Added a section on lactate transporters (Monocarboxylate transporters on the Physiology behing it all page

Page will be updated frequently so check back and post in the message board if you have any questions, comments, agree or disagree with anything on this site.
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Reason for this site:
The reason that I have started this site is that I feel there is a severe lack of information on elite training out there.  Do I consider myself elite? Well not exactly, but I aspire to be, so I created this site to chronicle my attempt at being the best runner I can be and hopefully break into that elite category.  The site is extremely simple, because I really don't care much about appearance.  It is the content that is of value on this site.  I plan on sharing all of my training info which I have learned through study and trial and error in hopes that it will help others.  Included in the site will be my logs, so that others can analyze them and see what led to my success and to my failures.  When coming up with a training plan, knowing the science of training is very important, but I think a lot of people overlook trial and error and seeing what works that way.  That is why I am supplying my training to anyone who wants to see it.  In hopes that you can learn from my trial and errors. Enjoy.

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